Adult Braces: a 9-month update

I’ve been wearing my braces for just over nine months now, and I’m potentially at the half way mark. I say “potentially” because I haven’t broached the subject of removal with my orthodontist yet; she indicated I’d be wearing them for 18-24 months, so I’m just hoping it’s the lesser length.

Adult Braces - 9 month progressTop: Day One. Bottom: Day 286

I don’t really notice them anymore, except on days when I have the wires tightened. For the last three months I’ve been wearing rubber bands to alter my bite, and they can be a bit annoying, but they are necessary, so I just roll with it.

There are things I do miss though. I miss eating carrot sticks and celery, and I’m over slicing the kernels off fresh cobs of corn. I can’t wait to gnaw at a pork rib or chicken drumstick (sorry, vegetarian friends), and even though I don’t really like apples, I salivate at the idea of taking a big bite out of one of those crunchy suckers.Cutting toast and sandwiches into quarters or eighths has become habit, but I’d really like to chomp down on a crusty, chewy bread roll once in a while.

The thing I don’t miss is my crooked smile. Despite having little bits of metal decorating my mouth, I don’t hesitate to smile widely whenever the mood takes me, and when I cover my mouth when I eat, it’s now because I’m checking for bits of lettuce stuck in the brackets, not because I’m ashamed of my teeth.


6 thoughts on “Adult Braces: a 9-month update

    • Patience is easier when you’re an adult 🙂 I imagine though that your girl will be over them now – especially if she can see the difference she hoped for. My teeth are so much straighter, so I’m happy, but the bite is not as good as the orthodontist wants it to be – and that boils down to appearance vs. function!!

  1. Wow your teeth look great already! I had braces for 9 months aged 17-18 but I think they were taken off much too soon! If you can stand to have them as long as possible for the best result that’s the way to go. A lot of my teeth have moved back now 😦

    • Thanks! I had them for 9mths at age 16 and think exactly the same re: off too soon. Now, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to not go through this again, so if I wear them the full 24mths, so be it! My teeth moved lots for various reasons, and I always feel guilty about my parents spending that money for nothing!

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