Reading Without Pressure

Since deciding to abandon a time frame for finishing my BBC Big Read challenge, I have, typically, rekindled my interest in getting through those last few books. At the library a couple of weeks ago, I checked out three from the remaining nine, and have finished one already, leaving just eight to go. (I’ve now crossed The Mayor of Casterbridge (Thomas Hardy) off the list. I enjoyed it, more than any other Hardy I’ve read, even though it was filled with typically melancholic Hardy moments.)

It’s amazing what removing a little pressure can do, right?

Ms Oh Waily feels the same way; she and I both lost our 1001 Books mojo in the second half of 2014, but a third pair of hands coming on board has given us both a renewed sense of reading purpose for 2015. That’s not to say we’d turn down any other reviews/reviewers…..hint, hint, HINT.


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