#angegetshealthy – Backyard Workouts

One of the things I like most about Active Mums is that many of the exercise can be done, safely, anywhere, without any fancy equipment. While we’ve been on holiday from the classes, I’ve been working out in our backyard or in the lounge, with my own special helpers.

When the sun has been shining (pretty much most of the time since before Christmas), I’ve been getting out and mixing up some toning exercises with shuttle runs on the lawn. Using my mobile phone as a timer and music player has made it so much easier to keep track of how I’m going; doing press ups for two minutes sounds simple but without a timer, I find I always give up well before I need to!

IMG_6645 IMG_6660 IMG_6666 IMG_6672 IMG_6689Squats and lunges are fun and easy to do with kids – babies and toddlers make great extra weights – and my boys love copying me while I’m doing press ups. They usually turn a shuttle run into a race (of course), and often a bit of an obstacle course (balance bike or golf club hurdle, anyone??), and we have a lot of fun racing outside together.

It takes a lot longer, of course, but in my mind, a 30 minute workout completed over an hour is better than no workout at all.

(I often post on Instagram using #angegetshealthy and #angestayshealthy, and love seeing other people’s inspiring and motivating getting healthy posts!)


One thought on “#angegetshealthy – Backyard Workouts

  1. Good on you for being so inventive and keeping up the workout over the holidays – looks like fun – bet your boys just love being involved too! I’ve just started using the Strava app to track the kilometres I’m travelling this year both when actually exercising and also when getting to/from work – amazed how much more interested I am in exercising when I can see personal records and see the km’s clocking up! I’m hoping that 1,000 km is achievable for the year 🙂

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