It’s Almost Elf on the Shelf Time!

Our elf, Fernando, is no doubt packing his bag, tidying his room and searching for his passport, in preparation for his journey from the North Pole to our home.

The first of December, when Fernando arrives, will be exciting for our boys. I’m feeling a little unprepared, as I have only just started thinking about how he will appear, and what he will do for 24 days.

I’m thinking Fernando might be inside our gorgeous Needle & Nail mailbox when he arrives. At the moment, the mailbox sits atop Pickle’s dresser, so it will be a double-surprise for my weenies to see it by the front door or perhaps on our hall table, the red flag up so they know there’s something inside.

Last year, Tiny’s favourite Fernando-ventures were the simplest ones, like the elf sleeping in one of my shoes, or riding the rocking horse, or dyeing the milk blue (not Tall’s favourite, however!). His memory is too good for us to recycle too many ideas from last Christmas, but I’m thinking we can possibly reuse some of the ideas from the year before.

We’ll also be ensuring Fernando sticks to his role-modelling of good behaviour, rather than getting up to mischief. I think Tiny is of an age where he would find cheeky behaviour hilarious, but Pickle…..yeah, he might need a bit more modelling first!

I’ve noticed ideas appearing on Pinterest, and have been adding the occasional picture to my Elf on the Shelf board; feel free to share any other ideas!

Elf on the Shelf 2013 Elf on the Shelf 2013 Elfie Selfies 2013Elf8 Elf2In 2013, a group of us shared and inspired on Instagram with #kiwielfontheshelf – if you have an Elf and you’re on IG, why not join the fun this year?


3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Elf on the Shelf Time!

  1. That’s such a cute family tradition. Your boys are going to love that when they look back on their childhood.

    I’m sure I read somewhere about altering the Elf’s behaviour to being a positive role model but I can’t remember if it was a new book or an online ‘thing’ that was taking hold. If I come across it again, I’ll drop a comment here.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what he gets up to this year! Feeling a bit under the pump too as I had a plan that wont work now and have only really started thinking about it now! Yay for counting down x

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