The weather has been miserable and hail has shredded my strawberry plants, but my broccoli has flourished. Pity, as I know which produce my boys would rather eat!

I’ve been busy making Christmas lists and plans for gifts, including some homemade goodies for a few special people. I’ve also rewritten my lists a thousand times until they were in a format I was happy with. Yes, I am that person.

Taieri Mouth NZ Taieri Mouth NZPickle is going through a terribly terrifically independent stage, which sees me standing in the rain while he clambers into his car seat, or mopping water off the floor for the millionth time because he’s slopped it everywhere after getting it from the fridge dispenser thingy.

Tiny has developed a real interest in letters and words, and is constantly asking how things are spelled. His drawing has taken a huge leap too, and we’re seeing him produce pictures that are easily identifiable.

I went to the Royal New Zealand Ballet performance of A Christmas Carol…it was such a stunning adaptation and performance, and I smiled about it for days. It was fun, the costumes were amazing, and the dancing was phenomenal. I love going to the ballet.


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