In Our Garden

I love watching our garden spring into life at this time of year. The new, brilliantly-green leaves on the trees, the bursts of colour as flowers bloom…everything about this time of year magically whispers, then yells, of growth and change and promise.

This is our second spring here, and we are still watching, learning, planning and bluffing our way along. We’re not gardeners, but we’re learning to be, and we’re excited to see things grow and change and adapt.

It’s a bit like parenting, really.

Vege patch Pea plants Radishes Strawberry plants in pot Mesclun and spinach Vege patch Thyme IMG_6189 Rhododendron Urban gardenThose plastic bottles covering my mesclun seedlings? My dad’s clever idea. They have two purposes: they act as mini glasshouses, and they protect the tender little plants from hungry hedgehogs and other garden pests. His thumbs are greener than a leprechaun’s top hat.

The weeds? They’re all my own.


8 thoughts on “In Our Garden

  1. Your garden looks so lush! We cleared ours last weekend in great hope and then had 130 km winds the next day so no point buying and planting anything that day! Hopeful that next weekend might be the go. Keep it up Ms becoming-green-fingers 🙂

  2. Love seeing pictures of your garden. During this season I really enjoy spending time in our garden – it is a peaceful place.

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