Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I am always possessed by the need to clean the bathrooms at 9.30pm. That’s bedtime, yet something compels me to get a-scrubbin’ at that time. I’m wondering if it’s because at that time, the toilet seat will at least stay wee-free for a few hours, rather than being peed on two minutes after it’s been cleaned? And the sink will stay whisker-free, and the mirror will stay toothpaste-splatter-free…?

~ carrot, cheese and chutney sandwiches are my current obsession. Today, Pickle asked to try it, and now I think I’m going to have to share

~ I had three weeks off exercise while Tall was away and I was sick, and after two Active Mums classes this week, I have such a sore butt

~ when I planted seeds in the garden a few months ago, I was all organised and popped in markers to show where I’d planted what…but someone small and Pickle-shaped very helpfully pulled them all out and now I don’t know whether I’m growing parsnips or weeds

~ I’d planned on selling Pickle’s cot, but just discovered it can be turned into a little couch, and now I’m making grand plans in my head

~ Tiny has been coming out with some hilarious stories and sayings recently; my favourite of late has been (accompanied by the cheekiest of grins), “Dad…Mum…there’s something straaaaaaange going on inside my head…”


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