Book Review: You Can Do It, Bert!

You Can Do It BertBert has been preparing for this for a long time.
He is ready. Mentally and physically.

But before he takes the plunge, he might need a bit of encouragement from his friends.

You can do it, Bert!

Another gem from Ole Konnecke (author of Anton Can Do Magic), You Can Do It, Bert! is, quite simply, deeeeeelightful.

It features Konnecke’s typical and gloriously-simple illustrations, delightful expressions, and economic use of text. It is funny, inspiring and adventurous, about friendship, fun and challenges, and my boys L-O-V-E love it.

They love our determined hero, Bert. Tiny especially identified with Bert’s procrastination technique of eating a banana just when you think he’s about to leap into the great unknown (he also thought the banana skin’s ultimate landing spot was pretty funny); I think most parents of toddlers would have experienced that stalling, “I’m hungry…” plea at bedtime, which is usually answered with a banana.

The illustrations are simple and bold, but so much is conveyed through clever eyebrow drawing; the expressions on Bert’s face are priceless.

We are big Ole Konnecke fans here, and this is a welcome addition to our bookshelves.

You Can Do It, Bert! was provided by Gecko Press for review purposes but the opinions expressed here are my own.



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