Meal Planning

8pm on a Sunday night is not the best time, in my opinion, to plan the week’s meals. Such a task deserves more time and concentration than I can offer at that time of night, especially after an early start to the day, and a mini road trip during which I struggled (and possibly failed) to stay awake.

However, I did manage to come up with a vaguely coherent menu and subsequent shopping list…tomorrow’s supermarket visit will be the true test.

In no particular order, this week we’ll be dining on:

Pumpkin risotto (with added bacon)
Easy Butter Chicken (a Chelsea Winter recipe that my boys loved; this time I’m attempting her naan breads as well)
Prawn marinara (I’ll make it up as I go along)
Lamb and salad kebabs (the pita bread sort; I’m hoping I still have bulgar wheat so I can make tabbouleh)
Fish Thai green curry (a throw-it-all-in speciality of mine)
Steak sarnies with caramelised onions (date night in before Tall heads away for work for two weeks)

Not a bad meal plan for a half-hearted effort.

Here, be distracted by how adorable my babies looked sharing a bed at their aunty’s house over the weekend:



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