Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ everyone had been talking about Nigel Latta‘s show about sugar. I finally watched it, and can see what the fuss is all about. Little ones having their teeth extracted made me cry

~ spring has hit Dunedin in a glorious way, and while I’m sitting outside with bare arms, many are warning that the weather is bound to change. I say who cares?! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth while it’s here.

~ there are a whole lot of kindy princess dresses and tutus drying on my clothes rack right now. And a giraffe suit. Best washing load everrrrrrrr.

Kids' Costumes

~ at my last orthodontist appointment, I was shown the cast taken of my teeth at my very first appointment. In just over four months, the difference is astounding. And I am so used to the braces, it’s mad.

~ neither of boys have been fans of cooked peas (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!), but they will eat bucketloads of the frozen variety….and now, Pickle will eat them cooked. Hurrah, I say. Hurrah!

~ I’ve been nominated twice in recent months for a Liebster Award, which really is very lovely. Thanks lovely Rach (Just a Little Bit Cute) and lovely Lydia (Always Made With Love)! I WILL get around to responding to your questions, I promise…when real life slows down a little bit xxx


One thought on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Washing is definitely more appealing with a load like that! Peas-yum! and take what you can get with the weather I say too! Hoorah for awesome progress on your teeth! It will no doubt be an awesome feeling! x

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