Book Review: Line Up, Please!

Line Up, Please!Standing in line can be dull, but not when you mix tigers and frogs, sheep and skunks. But what could be worth waiting for…?

Pickle was captivated by Line Up, Please! (by Tomoko Ohmura) from the very first page. He loves animals, and I could see his eyes widening with each turn of the page. He was able to recognise most of the animals, and had fun learning the ones he hadn’t come across before; to say that this book is full of learning opportunities is an understatement. There are animals to learn, animals to count, and both to identify. All without seeming like a schooling to wee people…swoon.

The illustrations are so appealing and fun, as is the dialogue. Pickle is a touch young to get everything that is going on (the reluctance of the sheep to stand too close to the wolf…priceless, but a little lost on him), but Tiny definitely does, and he loves it too. When the skunk accidentally does what skunks do, he cackled, and he was worried for the zebra sandwiched between two big cats.

Waiting to find out what the animals are lining up for never gets old, and the ending is so. much fun.

Line Up, Please! was provided for review purposes by our lovely friends at Gecko Press; you can grab a copy in October!


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