Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ that moment when you think, “Hmmm, I don’t have much BB cream left, I’d better use it sparingly”, is the moment there will be an air bubble in the tube and you’ll end up shooting it all over the place.

~ running with blocked sinuses is about as fun as slamming your head into a brick wall.

~ there is a parking building in Dunedin where sometimes, the barrier arm lifts before you put your paid-for ticket in the machine. It seems to happen at random times, and last Monday, after I’d scrambled around in my car, scraping together $4.50 to pay for parking….the barrier arm lifted.

~ the other day, Pickle woke at 1.17am, so I jumped into his bed and we both went back to sleep. At 4.17am, I woke and returned to my bed…and my hot water bottle, with its woolen blanket cover, was still hot. Not just warm. HOT. Delightful.

~ when people get something for free, what makes them feel they have the right to complain about it if it isn’t right? I recently bought some items online, and for spending a certain amount, I was to get not one but three free gifts. Unfortunately, the company ran out of the specified gifts due to much higher demand than they expected, so they substituted (and emailed, and apologised) for three different gifts. Free gifts. Three. Free. Gifts. They weren’t the ones I’d expected, and I was slightly gutted about missing out on one that was super-cool, BUT I still got three free gifts for buying things I had planned on getting anyway. In a phone call to the company regarding a delayed part of my order, I said that I was more than happy with the substitutions, and the person I spoke with laughed and said that was good to hear, because many people weren’t. IT WAS FREE STUFF, people! Be grateful.


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