Reading and Reviewing: Super Power Baby Project

I’m still chomping my way through The Goldfinch; it’s picking up speed now and I’m reading way past my bedtime every night because I can’t seem to put it down.

BUT – I did go and pick up a held BBC Top 200 book from the library today, so I’ll be prepared for jumping straight back into the list when The Goldfinch is finished.

However, today’s post isn’t about what I should and shouldn’t be reading – it’s about a beautiful book I think everyone should read: Super Power Baby Project.

Super Power Baby ProjectThis amazing, inspiring book is the brainchild of photographer Rachel Callander and her husband Sam:

Rachel and Sam Callander were told their daughter Evie had a rare chromosomal condition that would prevent her from walking, talking and even eating solid food. But they learned there was so much more to Evie than her medical diagnosis.

Instead of focusing on all the things she couldn’t do, they used the language of “Super Powers” that celebrated who she was and all the things she could do. They highlighted Evie’s magical ability to connect with people and share her joy in life.

Super Power Baby Project features stunning photographs of beautiful New Zealand children with their own special Super Powers. You will find yourself getting lost in the gorgeous faces, the soulful eyes, the cheeky smiles, of these amazing children.

The photography is striking, and the stories about each child are inspiring, uplifting, heartbreaking and so pure; I read each through tears at the ways their families described how amazing they all are. The book doesn’t gloss over the difficulties these children and their families face, but this isn’t the focus of it – it celebrates each and every one of them as the awesome little people that they are.

Super Power Baby Project is available across New Zealand now – your coffee table is naked without it.

(This post isn’t sponsored or associated with Super Power Baby Project – I was lucky enough to receive one of the first 1000 copies simply for pledging a little bit of money to help them see this become a reality, and I think it’s too amazing not to share.)


4 thoughts on “Reading and Reviewing: Super Power Baby Project

  1. It is definitely a stunning and heart warming book: one that no New Zealand home can do without!!!!! I started reading it and couldn’t put it down until I had finished. It highlights the courage of these amazing children and their families, but most of all, it gives these families and those families with similar children who aren’t in the book, the opportunity to ‘show’ their children to society, and boast about the things they can do – something that parents with healthy children take for granted.

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