I’ve been going to a weekly yoga class. It feels great to be back at a class, even though the style and teaching is a little different to what I’m used to (much less dynamic, less flowing, and we get sung into the final savasana which is unusual but slowly becoming routine), and it’s local, and cheap.

YogaI’ve also been taking Pickle to a weekly Active Mums class, which I used to go to with Tiny. I feel incredibly unfit, and after each cardio burst, I’m sure my lungs are about to explode, but I need the external motivation, and I know it is going to get easier. And maybe I’ll get over that brick wall of mine, with the help of my instructor, and the friends I go with.

My braces have been on for three months and the difference is astounding already. I love my teeth already, and they still have a way to go, which makes me think I’m going to spend a lot of time taking selfies once they’re off!

We have all been sick, like most families I know. Pickle had a week of fevers, and now sounds like an 80-year-old chain smoker, plus both boys have rattly coughs. I feel like I’m just scraping through on broken sleep and olive leaf, but really, I’d like to sleep in and have a full nights’ sleep, please.

Tiny has been coping with his new glasses very well for a busy four-year-old, although sometimes he forgets about them and dives head-first into things. Tall has quickly become adept at re-bending the frames.

We’ve been living in our new (old) house for one year. Yes, already. It has gone crazy-fast, and we’re almost through our second winter here.


2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Aw wish you all better soon. Our 4 year old next door neighbour’s boy has just started wearing glasses too – it’s tough on little boys especially – but I think they do a great job of adapting to new challenges – much better than us for the most part! So glad you’re seeing the results/benefits of the braces – I still think you are so brave!

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