Meal Planning

Oops, forgot to post last week’s delightful menu. Nevermind…it was all delicious. I’m sure my children ate every last mouthful and exclaimed, “Mummy! That was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had!” after each dinner.


Actually, Pickle’s been unwell and off his food, so his dinners ended up on the floor/chair/table/ceiling each night. He’s still a poorly bear, and now Tiny is unwell too, so I’m not expecting either of them to eat very well this week either.

This weeks’ menu is pretty chicken-heavy, by accident. I had a couple of other dishes planned, but the main ingredient was either too expensive, or unavailable, and I had to think on the spot. Hence….lots of poultry.

Sunday: tomato soup and bread – we had a big lunch at Fleurs Place, and no one was particularly hungry.

Monday: chicken, lentil and spinach curry – I’ve made this before and everyone enjoyed it…all but the littlest one (unsurprisingly) thought it was perfectly acceptable.

Tuesday: chicken with parsnips, pears, caramelised shallots and macadamias – minus the macadamias because they’ll be a bit crunchy for this brace-face.

Wednesday: roast lamb with the leftover trimmings from Tuesday.

Thursday: sweet chicken, potatoes and coriander – a recipe torn from the Sunday Star Times a couple of years ago.

Friday: pizza (salmon and cream cheese; pear and blue cheese) – despite my oath to return to my dairy-free ways!

Saturday: pan-fried fish with lemon and herb couscous – Tall and I loved this, but the boys weren’t overly fussed, so it’s a good date-night-in dinner.


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