Only in New Zealand

Moeraki Moeraki Moeraki MoerakiOn Sunday morning, I was busily organising my family and my mother-in-law to leave for Moeraki, where we were meeting my sister-in-law and her fiancé for lunch at Fleurs Place. Fleurs is an amazing little seafood restaurant in this sleepy little village; fishing boats unload their catch directly at her door, and the food is simple and sublime.

When my mobile rang just after 10am, I thought it might be the restaurant asking us to change our booking. But it was Fleur herself, calling to ask if we happened to be driving up from Dunedin, and could stop by a local fish shop to bring her some live crayfish.

Such a kiwi thing to do, right? Both the request, and me responding like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like I’m called by the owner of a restaurant (a woman who rubs shoulders with celebrities on a regular basis, no less) all the time, asking for supplies. NBD, right?

Only in New Zealand.


5 thoughts on “Only in New Zealand

  1. LOVE!! !! !! I so need to get to this part of NZ as an adult .. .. .. and explore
    Funnily enough you and another friend were both at Moeraki in the weekend

  2. Did you know Fleur previously, or were you just a random customer? fresh as always! One of the most interesting talks I’ve been to was Fleur & Al Brown (didn’t know who she was beforehand, but once there realised I remembered her story/restaurant from the ODT when I lived in Queenstown years ago.). The place was packed, several hundred people, and my group was lucky enough to be like 2nd row. Thought her book was fab. Can’t really say I’m a foodie, but love her take on hospitality and how she sources her supplies.

    • I don’t know Fleur at all (other than brief exchanges each time we’ve been to the restaurant!) – she just took a punt that we might be coming from the right place!! It was all very random, but quirky and cool at the same time!
      She’s so fascinating, and I too love her ideas – that talk would have been so interesting.

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