Book Review: Where is Rusty?

Where is RustyPickle loves books, and Pickle loves dogs, so a book featuring a whole cast of dogs….well, it’s fair to say he loves Sieb Posthuma’s Where is Rusty? rather a lot! His big brother hasn’t had a chance to look at it yet, but that will change – and soon!

The concept is very sweet, and one that gently explains the importance of listening to adults and staying close a crowded place. We are currently experiencing the “independent twos” with our littlest, and this is definitely going to help reinforce what he is told on a daily basis.

The illustrations are delightful and very appealing; on our first reading, Pickle had a ball looking for Rusty on each page, and we had a few laughs together at some of his sillier hiding places. We do have a lift-the-flap book of a similar name, and Pickle was a bit confused initially, looking for the flaps, and wondering why Rusty wasn’t hidden on some pages.

Where is Rusty? is aimed at children 3+, but I think that is a slightly conservative age bracket; perhaps the concept it aimed at children older than Pickle, but it certainly does appeal to my two-year-old.

Where is Rusty? was provided for review purposes by our lovely friends at Gecko Press; you can grab a copy in September!


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