Kindy artwork Vege Garden Potted Herbs Winter Roses Banksy prints Turning Two Spring flowers Swinging with friends Dunedin sunrise Hot Chocolate Playball champ! The Lazy Friend1. Tiny’s woodwork from kindy has become garden sculptures
2. the vege garden has been ripped up in preparation for rejuvenating with a little compost
3. plants from the aforementioned garden are resting in pots
4. there are winter roses prettying up the starkness outside
5. all my Banksy prints fell off the wall and are waiting to be re-hung more securely
6. we celebrated Pickle turning two
7. a friend bought me beautiful spring blooms
8. we’ve braved the cold for playdates with friends
9. there have been amazing sunrises
10. I’ve been replacing a nightly wine with the occasional hot chocolate
11. Tiny won the trophy for Playball (finally, after waiting a number of weeks for his turn)
12. I was quoted in the Gecko Press newsletter


3 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Awww what a lovely collection – yay for flowers, birthdays, wins and features! Hope you have a great week filled with a lot more loveliness xx

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