Book Review: I Don’t Want to go to School

I don't want to go to school_Gecko Press_hires coverThere was once a cheeky little rabbit. You might know him already. When his mother told him, “Simon, tomorrow is your first day of school!” he replied, “I’m not going.”

Another gem from Stephanie Blake, featuring our favourite bunny-hero, Simon. Tiny was pretty excited to see him, having loved A Deal’s a Deal and Poo Bum last year.

More delightful illustrations, comedic writing and clever appeal for young children. Tiny thought this was an incredibly funny book, and seemed to understand the concept right from the first reading.

I already have this book in mind for next year when he starts school, as I think it will be the perfect tool for helping to assuage any fears he may have about such a huge change. He has already likened it to the end of each kindy session, when he doesn’t want to leave the playground to go home; it’s not quite the same, as he has never said he doesn’t want to go to kindy, but he gets the idea.

Pickle is a little young to understand the subtleties of the story, but he did like the illustrations; this story is suited more for slightly older children, with a huge amount of appeal to those nearing school-age.

I Don’t Want to Go to School was kindly received for review purposes from Gecko Press, and will be available for purchase from 5 September 2014.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: I Don’t Want to go to School

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