Book Review: Ko Wai E Huna Ana?

Ko Wai E Huna AnaI bought the original version of this book, by Satoru Onishi, to give a little friend of Pickle’s for his first birthday, and was already aware of its appeal. This Maori version, released to celebrate Maori Language Week, is lovely, and has been well-received by my boys.

Tiny’s kindergarten are great at using Maori during their everyday teachings, and his acceptance of the Maori words has been instant and unquestioning. It’s also given me the opportunity to practise the skills I learned when I studied Maori at university, and I’m a big fan of exposing my children to as many languages and cultures as I possibly can.

This book is delightful, with adorable illustrations that hold a child’s attention for quite some time. It offers them a fun challenge, both with figuring out who they are looking for, and remembering the Maori name of each animal. It’s also a fantastic way to encourage them (and us) to use the Maori language in a natural, everyday way, and none of the fun has been lost from the English version.

I love a book that is interactive and encourages my children to think, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Ko Wai E Huna Ana? was provided to us for review purposes by the fantastic team at Gecko Press, and is due for release next month – keep an eye out for it at your local bookstore.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Ko Wai E Huna Ana?

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