Cheap-As Tuesdays

Given how much I spent on groceries this week, I feel a bit hypocritical about the name of this post – I went over my “informal” budget by almost $20, and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, there are plenty of things can be done/bought/paid for with that extra amount.

Anyhoo…budget-blow-outs aside, here is our menu for the week (brought to you by Chelsea Winter‘s At My Table – every recipe this week is from her cookbook, including Sunday’s eggs bene lunch and the cookies I baked on Sunday afternoon!):

Chicken CacciatoreSunday: pasta with pesto and parmesan for the boys, takeaway kebabs for Tall and me. It was Pickle’s birthday, Tall had been away in Queenstown for the night, and I’d made amazing eggs benedict for lunch with my parents, so the boys had their favourite, and we deserved takeaways. Justified, yep. (As a side note, I can’t help but refer to kebabs as “dirty”, from our time living in the UK, where kebabs are usually pretty greasy and eaten at 2am on the way home from the pub! For any UK readers – the kebabs we had were far from “dirty”, and perfectly acceptable as a general dinner option.)

Monday: chicken cacciatore with green beans and ciabatta (YUM. Just…yum. The olives and capers were so delicious, the chicken breasts tasty and succulent, with the addition of brown sugar cutting through the bland acidity of the tinned tomatoes. It took longer to cook than I prepared for, but the result was really tasty and enjoyed by all but the teething two-year-old, who ate the bread.)

Tuesday: salmon and cabbage red curry

Wednesday: Mediterranean sausage bake

Thursday: calamari and fries – for the little ones only, as Tall and I are going out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. A date night…..with other people, but a date night nonetheless!

Friday: creamy chicken pie (which I hope I can eat, after my first wire tightening that morning)

Saturday: roasted pumpkin, beetroot and feta tart

Last week’s meals were all pretty successful – the chicken and alphabet soup was really tasty and lemony, the butter chicken was scoffed super-fast by everyone, the minestrone had lots of flavour but wasn’t very popular with the little ones, and the leek fritters….well, Tiny ate the two I dished up and asked for more, I thought they were awesome but the sauce was much too garlicky, Pickle refused to eat anything but some salad, and Tall joked that there wasn’t enough meat in the fritters. He took leftovers for lunch though, and thought the sauce was great.


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