Cheap-As Tuesdays

Two meal plans, two weeks in a row. Maybe this will become a “thing” again?!? It is fair to say that my desire to be in the kitchen has returned with a vengeance, and my passion for trying new recipes has also been reignited. My family will be pleased; even though they wouldn’t dream of complaining, I’m sure they’ve had enough of the same recipes being presented to them week after week.

This week’s offerings:

Sunday: harissa-spiced halibut with couscous (from the Market Kitchen cookbook) – firstly, I used monkfish instead of halibut, and secondly, this recipe was gorgeous and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try it! Tiny loved it, Tall loved it, I loved it….Pickle was too tired to eat much more than a few spoonfuls of couscous, but he loved that.

Monday: beef burgers with blue cheese and coleslaw – a classic combo that is always received well, and both of my little boys hoovered theirs up. I had to eat mine in a trendy, deconstructed way (thanks, changing bite), but it was still delicious.

Tuesday: chicken and rice soup (from a Lebanese cookbook) – except I’ll be using alphabet pasta instead of rice, just because I can. This will be Tiny’s first time eating his letters, and I think he’ll love it.

Wednesday: crockpot butter chicken – a “throw it all in and hope for the best” kinda recipe.

Thursday: leek fritters (Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi) – using leeks plucked straight from my dad’s garden, yum yum.

Friday: crockpot minestrone and garlic bread – another “throw it in…” recipe that should work out okay. And homemade garlic bread…everyone loves garlic bread, right?!?

Saturday: leftover minestrone – I reckon this is a dish that is better on day two, like most good Italian dishes.

What’s cookin’ in your house this week??


2 thoughts on “Cheap-As Tuesdays

  1. ooo sounds like a yummy menu! We’re having a tomato pasta bake, a russian chicken and mushroom dish and some warm lentil vege and bacon hock soup. We cook large meals to last a couple of nights so we have “leftovers” alot 😉

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