Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ having one’s husband home after a week away is lovely. Having one’s husband home from work with a stomach bug is not so lovely.

~ I finally started watching Downton Abbey, and ermagosh, I now understand what everyone has going on about. I’m addicted, and I’ve only watched the first five episodes. I also would like to own every single evening dress those Crawley women own.

~ the only way I can eat Tim Tams right now is if I soften them in a hot cuppa until they are soggy enough to slurp. But this doesn’t stop me, oh-ho no.

~ our kettle just blew up, meaning the last two Tim Tams will have to be eaten by someone else. /stares with crazy eyes/

~ we’re going on holiday and for the first time ever, I’ve packed what I believe is termed a “capsule wardrobe”. And I’m only taking three pairs of shoes. /stares blankly/ Who am I?

~ last night was the first time we’ve used all the door snakes, and I’m wondering how long it will take for my little boys to (a) hide them, and (b) use them as some kind of weapon.

~ in one month, Pickle will be two. Two. How– where– when– sigh. Two.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Boo to tummy bugs but yay that hubby is home. I’m glad you are loving Downton Abbey – you might enjoy the book I just read The Fortune Hunter – it’s along those lines too. And there are some very big twists in the storyline of Downton for you to enjoy/cry over to come! Can’t believe Pickle will be two so soon – how about we invent a way of slowing down time? You up for that?! xx

  2. Hope the rest of you didn’t get that bug before your holiday!?!

    Urghhh – must’ve been the season, as that weekend my parents were up (coaxed them up to babysit), and on the Sat night my poor Mum spent most of it head over the toilet :-(! Thankfully no bugs were passed on (which was a miracle, as we’d had three go through in less than two months prior to this)!

    Hope your holiday was awesome – looking forward to hearing the reports, as it has been quiet on here and instagram lately!

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