Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ I bought sewing scissors the other day, and I almost spent a lot of money on a pair that reminded me of my mum’s, and of the sound of those scissors as she cut fabric on the dining room table. It gives me delicious shivers just thinking about that sound from my childhood.

~ we have had no contact with Tall since Sunday morning; he is on a course in Blenheim and had to hand in his phone when he arrived. It’s weird, and the boys and I are struggling with it now. We have three days to go, and have been filling his WhatsApp with voice messages he can listen to when he’s waiting to come home.

~ I’ve ordered my groceries online for the second week in a row. I love doing the grocery shop, but not with two small, busy boys in tow. I’ve been sure to heed Melissa’s (hilarious) warning though.

~ I’m making bunting for Tiny’s kindy’ centenary celebration. I know. I shouldn’t be left alone at night (see above).

~ my braces no longer hurt, but I’m still struggling to eat normally because it feels weird. The upside of this is that I’m not snacking on useless, calorific baking. The downside is that I am over soup just as soup season is really starting.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Hang in there…not long to go now….and I love those Whats App voice messages – I may or may not have done a few with another lady with the same name as you who lives in your town…perhaps I need to add you so we can message too πŸ™‚ *goes off to search it out* Online shopping is great BUT yep buyer beware we have had a few shockers too! We have been doing online shopping exclusively the past couple of month to try and stick to our grocery budget better – and we do because you can see exactly what you’ve spent before you have to pay and can easily take stuff out again. And Click and Collect is a great option too when you don’t have enough to make delivery super cheap either πŸ™‚ And you can do the shopping while watching your favourite TV show. And you don’t have to lug tired and cranky kids around the store who get in everyone’s way. Does it sound at all like I’m sold on the idea of online shopping – ha ha! Hope the days pass by magically fast until hubby’s safe return! xx

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