Book Review: The Lazy Friend

The Lazy FriendA wordless adventure story about a sloth who does absolutely nothing.

Yes, you read that correctly; The Lazy Friend, by Ronan Badel, is a wordless picture book about a sloth…who sleeps throughout the entire story.

And my boys LOVE it.

The sloth lives in the jungle with some excellent friends who care about him very much. When the sloth’s tree is cut down and he is taken away on a truck, his friends must do everything they can to get him home safely.


He leads them on an enormous adventure, even if he is asleep the whole time…

At first, Tiny asked where the words were, but as we looked through the beautiful, comically-illustrated pages, he started to talk about what was happening, and the story unfolded as only a four-year-old could imagine. At breakfast this morning, instead of eating his cornflakes, he told me the story again and again, and I think Mr Badel would be proud of my biggest one’s work.

The pictures are simple and delightful; so much is conveyed through the clever expressions portrayed on each face (I especially love the suspicious glare on the logger’s face), which helps young ones understand what might be going on.

I can see this book being a favourite for a long time, and it will be great for encouraging story telling and imagination for years to come.

Thanks to Gecko Press for this review copy. The Lazy Friend will be available for you to purchase in June 2014.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lazy Friend

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