My Boys: lately

Life seems to be getting busier by the day around these parts, which shouldn’t surprise me given I have a four-year-old and a 22-month-old. These two boys of mine are busy! I love it, but there are days when it gets to 9pm and I’m pooped, and there’s still a thousand things to be done in order for the mornings to run smoothly. Even when I think I’m all organised the night before, we still seem to be rushing out the door, late for wherever we’re headed. And I hate being late.Easter 2014 Albert Town New Zealand Easter 2014 Easter 2014 Bremner Bay Wanaka New Zealand

After these holidays, Tiny will be at kindy five days a week (two afternoons, three mornings), and while I know he’s ready for it, I’m not sure I am! I like having a day where there is no pressure, where our appointments (usually playdates with lovely friends) are flexible, where we can still be in our pyjamas at 10am if we want…but that’s because it takes the pressure off me, not necessarily because it’s best for my biggest boy. He will love the extra morning with the big kids, and it will be so good for him…and I will cope. I was so proud watching him search for Easter eggs in their egg hunt; without needing to be told, he picked up just one of the first two he found, and shouted to Pickle that he’d found the first eggs. He waited (impatiently – he’s four!) for Pickle to catch up before racing on, but at each spot, he took one egg and waited for his little brother. That boy is a sweetheart.

Pickle is showing himself to have quite the stubborn streak, and it is usually him that makes us late. Common phrases we hear from him at the moment are, “I won’t”, “I don’t”, “Don’t like it”, and a high-pitched screech of a “NO!” I don’t remember his big brother being so willful, but maybe I’ve blocked it out in all its unpleasantness. Despite this, he is so much fun and still super-affectionate with other toddlers. He loves to greet his wee friends with a big “Hello [insert name here]’, followed by a cuddle that usually ends up as an accidental-squash. He went through a few weeks of biting while cuddling, which was horrific (luckily I have wonderful friends who all reacted so nicely to my littlest biting their littlests), but never malicious; thankfully, we seem to be coming quickly out the other side with that one – phew! He’s currently getting his last molars, which makes for one very unhappy bubba (with a very sore bottom!).

Almost daily, even when we’re all tired and grumpy, I stop and wonder at how we got to have two such special little men in our lives, and then I freak out a little about how we make them into special big men…and then I realise it’s late and my brain needs to shut up and I need sleeeeeeeeeep…


2 thoughts on “My Boys: lately

  1. Sleeeeeeep is our frieeeeeend 🙂 Gorgeous boys and a gorgeous mother too. Parenting is such a huge experience isn’t it? so much to enjoy and so much to freak out about! Enjoy these precious bundles xx

  2. From Miriam (, via email:

    Hi Lovely
    WP won’t let me publish my comment so here it is via email!
    my theory on the second one being stubborn and the first not is that at that same stage the first one didn’t have any competition, they had my undivided attention and their needs/frustration levels were very low because of it. The youngest gets shuffled (shoved) around a lot more because of kindy etc whereas the first was always setting the pace the second is being hurried to keep up with the pace, that’s my thoughts on it anyway!
    like you I hate to be late and like having the days where anything goes. Sounds like they are a wonderful little team though xxxx
    yes, sleep is the best!
    Miriam xx

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