Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ a toddler’s new toothbrush is apparently much better once seasoned in day-old toothpaste and whisker clippings.

~ bad TV dubbing is disconcerting, especially on ads.

~ my new 40 Days of Yoga has started off so differently to the first; I find myself impatiently waiting for my time on the mat and most days, I’m not finding it a chore.

~ Tiny writes with his left hand, but uses scissors in his right, despite kindy having left-handed scissors. I think he’s going to end up a bit gammy like his dad.

~ when your biggest child requests you bake “biscuits with bits of chocolate in them”, and you add colourful candy-coated chocolates as a treat, thinking they’ll wolf them down…they won’t, and you will be forced (forced) to eat them all yourself.

~ in the eyes of a 21-month-old, a soup ladle makes an excellent golf club/hockey stick/cricket bat. Guess I’d better get a new one before soup-season is well-and-truly here.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Our little one is also showing signs of ambi… Like her dad :). Haha re the cookies… We have this problem round here from time to time too… Happy Easter x

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