Four Today!

Streamer curtainFourYes, I got up and waited to see his reaction when he saw the streamer curtain in his doorway. Yes, he is probably still half-asleep in this photo. Yes, he’s wearing pirate ‘jammies, and yes, he’s FOUR!

My little buddy. Sorry – my big buddy. I get in trouble if I call you little or small these days. But you will always be my little buddy, my big little boy.

My busy, exuberant, smart little boy. The one who likes loves to talk – to anyone who will listen, to your toys, to yourself. It is a rare moment when you are not chatting quietly away, but when you are concentrating really hard on something, you stick out your tongue (just like your daddy) and the chatter ceases. Until you are done, and you race off to tell someone about what you’ve created.

Usually with Lego. Phew, my boy – your obsession with Lego knows no bounds. You are so imaginative, so clever, so creative…some of your Lego creations are astounding in their complexity and style. Recently, you made a transforming fire fighting engine, and it was super-cool. I might not share the same enthusiasm for Lego, but it is something you and Daddy love to do together, and I am so happy that you two have this as “your thing”.

You are over halfway through the first term back at kindy, and every day you are excited to be there. You’ve adapted so well to going for two mornings with the “big kids”, and I love seeing you learning and challenging yourself, trying to keep up with the older children. I never worry that you will be upset when I leave, or that the teachers will have any issues with you. You go in, you play, you interact and you have fun, which is what kindy should be about. There’s plenty of time for formal learning when you go to school. However, Daddy and I are so proud of you learning to write your own name this year!

You have developed some beautiful friendships that I hope continue for a very long time. The children you are closest to also have the coolest parents, and we keep pinching ourselves because it doesn’t seem real that your amazing little friends have such amazing families. They do say that children are drawn to others who are similar to themselves. Some of your best buddies are girls – treasure them, because you can learn so much from them, and teach them a lot too.

I love watching you play with your little brother; seeing the two of you together melts my heart. You are so inclusive, and only get upset if he starts to demolish your Lego. You are always asking him to go upstairs to play in your room, or to play imaginary games in the dining room. I love that I don’t have to worry when he is with you, for you are so gentle, caring and kind. You are also pretty honest, and will tell me (often with just a little encouragement) if he is crying because of you. But that’s a rarity, and I don’t know how we got so lucky. You tell him he is your best friend, and that you love him; you are quick to say sorry, and to give him cuddles when he is sad. Watching the two of you say good night is my favourite moment in the day, and I hope you will continue to be loving, caring friends to each other, as well as brothers. You’re also enamoured with other babies and toddlers at the moment, and seeing you give them gentle cuddles brings tears to my eyes.

As for your little brother…well, he thinks you are the bees knees. And he’s right.

You are caring, kind, compassionate, empathetic, smart, creative, logical, curious, gentle, talkative, cheeky, funny, loving and utterly loveable.

Happy 4th birthday, sweetling.
Your Daddy and I love you more than all the Lego pieces in the world


6 thoughts on “Four Today!

  1. Awwww – that made me cry! I love how in-love you are with your boys; makes me want to be a better Mummy, and that has got to be a good thing! Happy birthday little man, you are one loved and treasured wee boy!

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