Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ Instagram has turned me into a lazy blogger (who likes to post pictures of Pickle sleeping, Tiny’s Lego creations, and random foodie things.).

~ our “arrangement” has always been that one of us cooks, and the other does the dishes. Usually, this means I cook (because I love it and have trouble relinquishing food-control), and Tall scrubs…except he is a terrrrrrrible dish washer, and often I end up re-washing things anyway.

~ Cadbury Flake: impossible to eat with one hand.

~ has anyone featured on Grand Designs ever come in under budget??

~ it’s about time I ventured into another 40 Days of Yoga. My relationship with my mat has been neglected for so long.

~ I’m guaranteed my longest, most peaceful morning shower on the days I leave the bathroom door wide open. If the door is closed, it’s like an open invitation for little rat-a-tat-tatting fists and stuck-record voices.

~ are there people reading this who have no idea what a stuck record actually sounds like?

~ my (gulp) almost-four-year-old is convinced I’m making him a Lego police station cake for his birthday. He is going to be sorely disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I think IG has changed blogging for many – my comments have certainly halved this year – hmmmm maybe I’m not posting quality any more eeekkk

    I laughed at the shower comment ! My best longest showers are at the gym !

    40 days of yoga 😉 I’ll join you

  2. Lol I do actually know what a stuck record sounds like! I shower before the kids are awake… yup it’s pretty early! I’m sure he’ll forget all about a lego cake the minute he lays eyes on what you do make! x

  3. Yup IG has changed the whole face of blogging, why bother with a big long epistle when you can mini ‘blog’ with one pic and a sentence…still I do love a good sit down reading my favourite bloggy peeps like you, and will always hang out for these! So what ARE you going to do for the cake then?!

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