Decluttering: goodbye, stuff!

Last week I was inspired to get rid of some unnecessary stuff after reading Jess’ 50 Things I’m Happier to Live Without post. The decluttering has continued, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve gotten rid of over 50 items that we no longer need or want.

Things like shoes that have always been too big for me, but I’ve never wanted to give them up, or clothes I’ve clung on to, despite not wearing them in years, because of the memories attached to them. Toys, clothes and books that the boys have long-outgrown, or are surplus to requirements, to be passed on to an expectant friend. Handbags and blouses that are much to “corporate” for my current lifestyle. Cookbooks and parenting books that are gathering dust on the shelves; broken kitchen things, and bath toys that are clouded inside with black mould. Samples of moisturisers, and cat food for a cat we do not have; nailpolish that has never been opened and jeans with holes in the knees.

Decluttering4 IMG_5178
All. Gone. Either given to friends, taken to an op shop, or thrown straight in the bin. Spaces cleared, friends and strangers made happy.

I thought I’d struggle to find 50 items to clear, but once I started, I couldn’t be stopped. I found it easier getting rid of my own things – clothes and shoes that didn’t fit were an easy choice, and I used this exercise as an opportunity to tidy as I went. Our walk-in wardrobe now looks very pretty indeed! I did clear out some things from the boys’ rooms when they were otherwise occupied, but I knew the things I was removing were items they no longer played with or fit.

If, like me, you are not a fan of clutter, I challenge you to follow Jess’ example and try this – it feels so good knowing we are lighter in stuff, and that other people have benefited from my clear-out.


6 thoughts on “Decluttering: goodbye, stuff!

    • Me too – I can’t abide mess or clutter. I’m always trying to get rid of clothes, but some things I hang onto for emotional reasons (“Oh, I bought that top-I-never-wear when we lived in London…must keep it!”), and others seem to find their way back into my drawers. However, this time I decluttered, got them into bags and off to the oppy within a day, so I didn’t have any opportunity to re-think anything! Good luck xx

  1. I set myself a goal to declutter 365 things between my birthdays. I have until October and have made some progress but I’m not exactly on target – I think I might look at doing batches 50 items at a time to help me focus and not get so weighed down with the “I might need that one day” thoughts! Thanks for sharing

    • I like the idea of getting rid of 365 things – but I’m the sort who needs to do it in big chunks, otherwise I’ll never get around to it! I’m quite ruthless anyway, but this time I was quite hard on myself and argued for getting rid of things, instead of keeping them 😉 Like the shoes that were too big – was I hoping my feet would suddenly grow a size in my old age?! Good luck!!

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