What I’m Reading

At the moment, I’m reading The Pickwick Papers (part 1 of 3), by Charles Dickens. The copy I have belongs to my mum, and the stamp inside tells me it was purchased by Musselburgh School in 1926. The pages have a beautiful sheen to them and are wonderfully thick. But that’s by-the-by, because you want to know about the content, right?

It’s probably the funniest of Dickens’ work that I’ve read. This version is an abridged collection of the full book (which I also have), and the snippets of stories are witty and delightful, with characters that are so full of life and spark. The Pickwickians are a group of men who document their “adventures”; the situations they find themselves in are often seemingly-mundane but there’s always a quirk. Loving it.

My review of The Master and Margarita, which I also loved, can be found here, on 1001 Books to Read Before You Die.


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