Today is our fifth wedding anniversary.


So much has happened in those five years. We’ve travelled to 15 different countries, moved back to New Zealand from England, bought two houses, and welcomed two awesome little boys into our family. We’ve eaten at a Michelin-Star restaurant, learned how to hang wallpaper, and spent the past 1826 days loving each other as best we can.


And every one of those 1826 days, I’ve pinched myself because I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Photos by Sinead Jenkins Photography)


13 thoughts on “FIVE

  1. Awwwww – congrats to you both; hopefully there is a romantic dinner and evening planned for just the two of you?!? If we were local – I’d offer to babysit for you!!!!

    I love your last line, I feel the same way… how lucky we both are!

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