Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ every morning, I double-toast my bread, and every morning, I forget about it, and it ends up charred. I should probably just adjust the settings on the toaster, right?

~ there are shaken-off-the-cloth foods that birds simply will not eat, including macaroni cheese, rice bubbles, spaghetti pasta, ragu/bolognese, and rice noodles. I get that they might not want the meat, but the pasta and noodles? They look like worms. And everybody loves macaroni cheese. (This particular thought results from a conversation I had with this sweet lady recently. Neither of us could understand why boring old bread was okay, but fancier things just didn’t cut it with our feathered friends.)

~ when Lego is used as a bribe, almost-four-year-olds* can do pretty much anything asked of them, including write their own name after months of refusing to even try.

~ apples and cheese. Best. Flavour. Combination. Ever.

~ one of Tiny’s kindy friends is a beautiful, curly-haired little girl who is currently non-verbal, but let me tell you – when she lifts her arms and launches herself into yours for a big hug…her voice is as loud as any other four-year-olds in that place.

~ summer has barely shown itself this year, and it already feels like autumn. Uh, excuse me…I haven’t had a chance to wear three-quarters of the summer clothes in my wardrobe.

~ the back of a toddler’s neck is the most delicious spot to plant a kiss.

~ today is my beautiful sister’s 40th birthday. Her card will arrive late, and her present will arrive even later, but she will be in my heart and thoughts all day, and in my wine glass later when we have a cross-Tasman drink in her honour xxx


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Lego is fantastic bribery! works a treat around here too 😉 As for flavour combos yes – cheese and apple… but… have you tried a nice blue (like gorgonzola) and honeycomb? Ahmazing!

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