Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ why do I get intensely thirsty after I’ve brushed my teeth at bedtime, but not at any other time of the day?

~ it will rain for a few days and then promise to be fine, and you will hang out all the washing and leave the house for the day…and the “chance evening showers” will arrive at midday and ease after dark, and your house will once again be strewn with wet socks.

~ a soup ladle makes an excellent cricket bat.

~ earlier this week I woke in the night to discover a few treasures in the bed: one Lego antenna, three rice bubbles, and one Lego hand.

~ having a 19-month-old know the word “spider” can come in quite handy when one of the eight-legged creatures is charging you trying to escape from the bath.

~ last Friday was Valentine’s Day. It started with my husband uttering words no one should have to hear on the day of love: “The coffee machine isn’t working”. Fear not, however – we got it working again. Pheeeeeeew.


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