Book Review: Watch Out for the Crocodile

Watch Out for the Crocodile

Watch Out for the Crocodile, written by Lisa Moroni and illustrated by her mother, Eva Eriksson, is my our new favourite story.

There’s something so appealing about a story that could have been written about a family you know, or even your own family. Watch Out for the Crocodile tells the story of Tora, an adventurous young girl who is going camping with her “very boring father”. Dad works, drinks coffee, uses the computer and is always using his mobile phone.

Watch Out for the Crocodile2Watch Out for the Crocodile3

I love that the story encourages children to use their imagination, to be adventurous and brave. The idea that adults might not view things the same as children is something I’ve been very conscious of since having children, and it’s great to read a story with Tiny that helps explain that to him. It’s also been lots of fun imagining what Tora might be seeing before we turn the pages, discussing why things might look like something they’re not, and encouraging Tiny to explain what and why he thinks something isn’t what it seems.

The adventurous side of the story is also very appealing; Tiny and Tall have gone on many “adventures” together, including camping in the backyard a few times, and Tall is great at making such outings into a big deal. I love that this story shows and encourages that relationship between a father and his daughter, and the tiny feminist residing in me is quietly excited that the feisty, brave, clever hero is a girl.

Watch Out for the Crocodile4Watch Out for the Crocodile5

Watch Out for the Crocodile will be available in March 2014. Thanks again to Gecko Press for providing us with this fabulous review copy.

(Lovely Stella has also recently reviewed this and Pom and Pim…she and her littles liked ’em too. Girl and offspring have good taste.)


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