Book Review: Pom and Pim

Pom and Pim
Pom and Pim, by Lena and Olof Landström, has been an instant hit with both Tiny and Pickle since its arrival last week.

It is a simple story about luck, told with very few words and quirky, cute illustrations. The characters aren’t typically represented or cutesy, and I find them incredibly appealing in their simplicity and uniqueness. The team at Gecko Press are quoted as saying this book “…is a perfect example of how a full, drama-packed story can be told in fewer than 100 words.”, and I have to agree. So much happens in such a simply-told story, and it is astounding.

Pom and Pim

Pom and Pim

Pom and Pim is aimed at younger children, and while Pickle (at 19 months) loves it, it is proving to be a great story to read with Tiny (at three-and-three-quarters) as well. The concept that bad luck can actually turn out to be good luck is fun to explore with him, and we spend just as long discussing the situations as we do reading the story. I love that we can use it as a learning tool; being able to encourage Tiny to see the bright side of a seemingly bad situation will stand him in good stead, I’m sure. I also like that he can see what is likely to happen in each picture; after the first read-through, he now points out the rock and the thorny tree, and anticipates (very eagerly) the next page.

Pom and Pim will be published in March 2014; it would make a darling first birthday present for someone adorable in your life.

Gecko Press provided us with our review copy, however all opinions expressed here are my own. Thanks, team!


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