2013: it’s been a blast!

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What a year! 2013 has been a big one for us, in so many different ways. At times it has been challenging, but those times have been few and far between. It has been a great year, and I’m excited for what the next 12 months might bring.

Some of the year’s highlights:

~ Tiny started kindergarten, taking the whole shebang in his stride. He has developed so many skills and friendships of his own, which is awesome to witness;
~ Pickle turned one, which brought with it the challenges of learning to crawl, then walk, and talk. He’s such a character and I love watching his personality shine through;
~ we accidentally bought a new house; and
~ we sold our old house in a matter of days;
~ my sister and her family came for a visit from Melbourne and I adored watching Tiny play with his cousins;
~ I scored a fancy new look for the blog, which has given me a renewed passion for keeping this little space o’ mine alive.

I have no idea what 2014 will be, but I’m hoping it rivals 2013 in sheer awesomeness. Just quietly, I’m hoping it quickly brings a change in Pickle’s sleeping habits, but other than that…we shall see!

Wherever you are, however you’re celebrating, I hope that the new year is big, bright and beautiful for you and the people you love.

(I’m about to put Pickle to bed, then I’m going to cook a date-night-in tapas feast for my love, and pop open a bottle of champagne. And if I’m completely honest, I’ll probably be in bed by 10pm!)


4 thoughts on “2013: it’s been a blast!

  1. Happy New Year Ange! Just think..at least you will be getting more sleep than me this year! hah! I love that this year was the year of house buying! xx

  2. 365 days doesn’t always sound that many to me, but phew, amazing what can be packed into it! Happy New Year to you all and wishing you an awesome 2014 xx

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