Advent Swap 2013: Days 20-25

This post is brought to you from the food-drunk haze that is Boxing Day. The weather outside is frightful, the littlest ones are playing with their new toys, and the man of the house is watching cricket. We had a great day with family yesterday, and we’re all a little bit tired today; I can imagine similar scenes are being played out in homes all across the country.

Here are the final gifts I received from Kimberley as part of Advent Swap 2013. I’m thrilled with everything I received, and wish I could give Kimberley a big hug; she put so much time and effort into finding the perfect treats, and I hope she enjoyed her Christmas day.

Day 20 Day 21 Day 22 Day 23 Day 24 Day 25Huge thanks to Kimberley for such wonderful gifts, and to Cat and Miriam for organising Advent Swap 2013. I will definitely be signing up again next year, and think you should too!

Advent Swap 2013: Days 1-5Advent Swap 2013: Days 6-12
Advent Swap 2013: Days 13-19

You can see what I sent my recipient, Treena-Marie, here.

Advent Swap 2013


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