Festive Fun with Fernando

It’s hard to believe that Fernando’s time with us is already up. This was the last morning of racing downstairs to look for ‘Nando (or, “Nah-nooo!” as Pickle calls him); last year I worried about whether Tiny would be upset that he was gone on Christmas morning, but the excitement of presents overshadowed all else.

I’ve learned something important this time around: the ideas that I thought were the simplest, or lamest, or most last minute, were the ones Tiny loved the best.

EOTS5 photo(13) photo(7) EOTS6My favourite? The elfie selfies. Tiny’s favourite? Fernando riding the bird in his room. He took such a long time to find him that morning, despite us having discussed various hiding places in his room the night before.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2014. Travel safe, and have fun xoxo


4 thoughts on “Festive Fun with Fernando

  1. It’s so worth the nightly racking your brain and effort seeing the joy on little faces the following morning. And it’s great that we can all share ideas too! May you and that gorgeous family of yours all have a very blessed, peaceful and joyful Christmas xx Meg

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