Reading and Reviewing

I finished The Silver Sword – typically – the night before last week’s post. I enjoyed it immensely; despite being set during WWII, it was an uplifting story strong with hope and love. And even though it’s officially a children’s book, I’d recommend it to any adult. Furthermore, it was a quick read, and I thought Ian Serraillier’s style was perfect for this type of story.

Now I’m reading another BBC Top 200  and 1001 Books to Read Before You Die book: The Name of the Rose. This couldn’t be more different to The Silver Sword, both in subject matter and style. I’ll be honest and tell you that the prologue sent me off to sleep; someone needed to take Umberto Eco aside and tell him to write shorter sentences. After the hard slog of the prologue, the first few chapters have been bearable, but each time I pick it up (usually at. 9.30pm – perhaps not the best time to attempt this one?), I open the marked page with a hint of dread that it’s going to be tough. But I’ll persevere for 100 pages and re-evaluate the book then.

I’ve also just taken delivery of two books from my sister for Christmas; I’m so proud of myself for simply checking the packing slip to make sure they had her details as the billee, then tipping them into a gift bag without looking to see what they are. I know, I’m impressed too.

Tiny is currently obsessed with the Lego Christmas sticker storybook we were sent as part of Advent Swap 2013 (that’s got to be the best thing about having a school librarian as my gifter!), and Pickle adores Caterwaul Caper, by Lynley Dodd. He makes the most adorable woofing and meowing sounds.


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