Product Reviews: Revisited

During a conversation over hot chocolate and nursing baby’s heads, Angela and I discovered that we had both reviewed a product that turned out to be not as great as we first thought. We agreed that it would be rather unfortunate if someone purchased said item on our recommendation, and then discovered the same, so we came up with the idea of a reality-TV-style “Where are they now?” round-up.

Let us give you, therefore, Product Reviews: Revisited; Angela’s revisited reviews can be found here.

Rudi by Em cushion covers
(Original review here)
Still love ’em, would recommend Em’s products to anyone. Being able to tailor cushions to suit your interiors and taste is a big plus, and she produces a beautiful product very promptly. I just wish she could make them self-cleaning…or teach my children not to smoosh their grubby faces into them…. /staring at Emma expectantly

Penny Scallan Sleepover Bag
(Original review here)

Still going strong, having accompanied us on all our holidays this year. No sign of wear and tear on the bag or the handles, and it cleans up nicely too. Tiny recently took it on his first sleepover to Grandma and Grandad’s, and it was the perfect size to cart all the things he didn’t need required.

Penny Scallan Collectibles Box
(Original review here)

Sadly, this box has not lasted well at all. I’d been warned that the handle might fall off, but it was the lid that tore away from the rest of the box here. It’s not been designed for handling, but what kid is going to want to put it on a shelf and look at it?? Also, the road mat inside was filed under ‘R’ for ‘Rubbish’ – it got tatty really quickly, and the design (the roads ran off the page) was unappealing to Tiny and me. If it had been made of vinyl or even laminated, it might have been better; as is, it felt like a bit of an afterthought. Love the three wooden cars, however – and the pullback truck still pulls back and races along.

Stuck on You Collectibles Box: brokenStrawberry Jam hooded towels
(Original review here)

Love. Love love love. After ??? many uses, they are still soft, they dry really well, they’ve held their shape and they still wrap around our three-and-a-half-year-old. Love.

Stuck on You Party Range
(Original review here)

This is a hard one to revisit, because after the big day, you don’t really look at the products again. The cards didn’t stand up to much handling, and the envelopes didn’t seal very well, but otherwise…nothing more to say.

Breastmates Nurture top
(Original review here)
Apart from a slight elastic issue, I can’t think of anything to add about this top other than I was complimented every time I wore it, and I plan on wearing it long after Pickle and I are done nursing. Love it, and feel good in it, and Franny is brilliant.


3 thoughts on “Product Reviews: Revisited

  1. Love the new blog header – so cool to think of two of my favourite bloggy people hanging out in real life – wish I lived just down the road! Re your product reviews – very interesting on what lasts the distance huh. We’ve dragged our Penny Scallan Wheelie Bag halfway around the world and back again and it stood up OK to all the knocks although I have noticed it now seems a little more fragile for it – some stitching has come unstuck underneath so definitely not made to last for years and years and lots of big trips away!

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