Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ Tiny had his first sleepover this week (at Grandma and Grandad’s, as a toileting reward). At first he didn’t want to go (but his hysterics were actually to do with a missed lunch date with Daddy and some sushi), but when I left him at 4.30pm, he barely looked up from Grandad’s 67-year-old Hornby train set, and ignored me when I called at bed time and the next morning. They all loved it….but I missed my little man more than I expected. I got all teary when I went to bed and saw his curtains were open

~ it will always rain the day after you water your poor, neglected vegetable garden

~ likewise, you will always get smeared with Weet-Bix and/or snot the day after you wash your bathrobe

~ yesterday I opened the front door and tried to go through it at the same time. The result? A swollen, bruised ear that got caught on the latchy-bit of the door handle. Yep, I am that clumsy.

~ people who don’t complete online trades and ignore all attempts at polite communication really bug me. The failure to go through with the deal is annoying enough, but the rudeness is what really bothers me – manners are important online too, people!!

~ I used to watch Saturday Kitchen every weekend when we lived in England; I would inevitably ask every new friend what their food heaven and food hell would be. Mine? Scallops (mmmmmmmm) and tripe (/retch).

What would be YOUR food heaven and food hell??


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. I was just thinking the same thing about my garden this morning as it poured down with rain… mmm heaven? seafood… almost in any form… hell? cooked tomatoes…:(

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