Book Review: A Deal’s a Deal

If ever a book was written with the humour of a three-and-a-half-year-old in mind, A Deal’s a Deal is that book. From the first reading, it has had Tiny cackling, and he will burst into giggles at the mere mention of it.

A Deal's a DealThis is the first of Stephanie Blake’s books that we have read, and I’m going to the local library to find her others this week – with names like Poo Bum and Stupid Baby…I think Tiny is going to love them, too.

A Deal’s a Deal is a story about sharing, negotiation, and friendships – all things which Tiny has been learning at kindergarten these past months. He gets the concept of swapping one toy for another; while he might be a bit young to understand that these characters are a little bit sly, he still enjoys the story. The ending is pretty gross and is therefore immensely appealing to my little man – boys find farts and gross things hilarious from such a young age, so this is right up his alley. I can’t speak for little girls (surely they’re too sweet??), but I’m pretty sure every kid would love this story.

A Deal's a Deal2The illustrations are simple and realistic (okay, so they are bunnies, but one of them wears a superhero costume while playing with cars, and I know that’s a regular scenario in my household), whilst not detracting from the story.

A Deal’s a Deal is sure to be a hit with children of any age – it’s a good learning tool as well as a chance for a good giggle.

(This book was provided by Gecko Press for the purpose of this review, but the opinions expressed are my own)


5 thoughts on “Book Review: A Deal’s a Deal

  1. Oh this is adorable! Ha ha I have 3 girls and we have Poo Bum (by the same writer and illustrator) which they find hilarious. This will really appeal to my #2 who has recently come out with the line: Mummy/Daddy make the decisions, I make the deals!”

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