Books by Brilliant Bloggers

Two very clever (and lovely) Auckland-based bloggers have recently self-published their own children’s books.

Um – how cool is that?! Not only that they wrote them, but that they had the confidence within themselves to actually make it happen. I know a number of people who’ve said they want to write a book (yep, me included), but this is the first time I’ve seen it become reality.

The Little Tree is written and illustrated by the very talented Sarah Gauntlett, who blogs over at FaerySarah. I’ve been in love with her sketches for a while now (not to mention her crochet creations), and have it on good authority that she’s a pretty amazing person.

The Little Tree(Image stolen borrowed from Sarah’s blog)

The Little Tree is a lovely story about a little tree who is in search of his roots (haha!); on his journey to discover what kind of tree he will grow to be, he meets some beautifully-represented native New Zealand trees. This would make a delightful present for a little person, especially a little kiwi living abroad.

You can purchase a copy of The Little Tree through Sarah’s Felt shop – but be quick, as they are selling fast!

An Unexpected Christmas is written by lovely Simone Graham, the creative genius behind Greatfun4kids (party planning is her specialty!); I had the pleasure of meeting Simone at Around the Table earlier this year…she was my name badge swap partner and very graciously accepted my pathetic excuse for a name badge with the clasp that fell off the moment she tried to pin it on to her top. Oops.

An Unexpected Christmas(Image provided by Simone)

An Unexpected Christmas is a sweet version of the Nativity story, told from the perspective of angels. Simone has illustrated the story with photos of children from all over the world (including her own cuties), and has written her story to appeal to kids of any age.

New Zealander readers can purchase a copy of An Unexpected Christmas through Simone’s blog; international readers can purchase a copy through CreateSpace (use the code 4FXUJ2SX for a 20% discount).

So now that you’ve finished here, go and order yourself a copy of one (or both!) of these books – then feel very pleased with yourself for crossing something else off your Christmas list, at the same time as supporting a couple of clever creatives x


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