Random Thoughts on Thursday

Random Thoughts on Thursday~ as expected, Pickle failed to wake at 9pm this Monday. Grey’s Anatomy has finished, so he has no need to play games with me anymore. Leonie – we should have made that bet!

~ Pickle hasn’t quite figured out the difference between talking to someone on the phone, and just pretending. He spent almost a minute “talking” to Daddy, and looking at me with the most delighted expression on his face. I’ve replayed it numerous times. He’s so earnest.

~ the same little man is currently obsessed with birds. Recently, he sat quietly for over ten minutes, watching a blackbird hop around our front lawn. When he saw me watching, he tweeted excitedly, but didn’t take his eyes off that bird.

~ I regularly see a young guy walking to the beach, wearing a wetsuit, carrying a surfboard, and always smiling. He’s ALWAYS smiling, and it makes me wonder whether he’s (a) just done a wee in his wetsuit, (b) got lots to be happy about, or (c) got a smiling resting-face. Whatever it is, he makes me smile as I drive past, because his look is one of utter joy.

~ why do school and church fairs have White Elephant stalls? Are there actually any white elephants? Let Mr Wikipedia answer that one for you if, like me, you had no idea.

~ Maltesers are light balls of crunchy goodness. And you can eat loads of them, because it’s basically chocolate-covered air.

~ it’s been a long time since I caught a bus, but when I did so regularly, I’d always seem to make the fatal mistake of walking to the next stop, only to have the bus go sailing past when I was halfway there. Now when I see people doing this, I want to warn them of their folly, but I also know that everyone has to learn from their mistakes. Sigh.

~ I have a cold. Bleurgh. However, on the recommendation of someone very clever-cool, I’ve taken olive leaf, which is supposedly pretty awesome at clearing up the lurgy. And you know what? I think it might be working. However, my brain hurts and I have no idea whether I’m actually making any sense. Meh.


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Haha – we should have made that bet indeed!! The smiling guy made me smile – it’s so uplifting seeing happy faces! gorgeous little ones 🙂 and bugs be gone! Have a great weekend x

  2. My Mum firmly believes in those olive leaf capsules… She has been known to leave half a bottle here for us; I discovered it again just recently, untouched! Oooops!

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