Book Review: 100 People

Like most young children, Tiny loves looking at picture books and spotting all the intricate details, and when we received a copy of Masayuki Sebe’s 100 People to review, I knew he would love it.

100 People Each page is illustrated with 100 people doing various things; there are specific things to find on each page, as well as other little details which provide minutes (I was going to say “hours”, but Tiny is three-and-a-half…that would be a bit hopeful on my part!) of fun and hilarity. The double-pages are brilliantly chaotic – there’s no chance to get bored with what’s going on with each theme.

100 People2The illustrations are bold and quirky, with easily-identified aspects which both amuse and educate little searchers. Tiny is so good at finding the smallest details – the little worm and lady bird never allude his keen sight – and every time we look at this book, there’s something new to discover. However, because pre-schoolers learn through repetition, he loves finding the same things over and over again; occasionally we make it into a game to see who can find something first.

100 People3The Gecko Press blurb about Masayuki Sebe states that he is “much-loved for his brightly coloured, humour-filled illustrations.”, and I think that’s the perfect way of describing the pictures in this book.

Linking up with Miriam, because this would make a wonderful gift for that special little person in your life

We Recommend(This book was provided for the purpose of review but the opinions expressed here are my own)


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