Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ while the NZ Blood Service will not allow me to donate blood due to their weight requirements, mosquitoes and sandflies have no problems with me donating to them. And while my blood type is common-as-mud, I know who I’d rather give it to. Hint: it ain’t the little buzzy ones.

~ I go walking each Wednesday with some friends from kindy (the mums, that is), and usually we end up doing around 8km, pushing our littlest ones in their prams, up a slight hill. There is usually a car of youths parked somewhere along our walk, and inevitably, comments are thrown our way. It’s kinda gross, really – they’re making lewd remarks at sweaty mothers. I just don’t get it.

~ daffodils don’t flower for long enough.

~ Fireworks make me cranky. By 9.30pm on Guy Fawke’s, I’d had enough, but somehow, our boys slept right through the bangs that seemed to be coming from our backyard (they weren’t. I checked.).

~ the barbecue following the wedding is one of my favourite parts of people getting married. It’s always so relaxed, and everyone’s still feeling the love from the day before (and some are nursing their hangovers from the night before).

~ I called it on the end of this season of Grey’s Anatomy. My husband was impressed (even though he doesn’t watch it, and teases me relentlessly). I’m sad I got it right though, and that the only show I watch religiously has finished for another season. Sigh.

~ this week has seen me sorting through my supplies and getting my craft on. Yes, you read that right. I have been crafting. I even taught myself how to do blanket stitch, which is a fantastic stitch for a hand-stitcher as crappy as me. I will reveal my creations eventually, and you can marvel at my distinct lack of talent.

~ flies. Urgh.


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. greys fans here too…hubster included! Are you talking about a certain Dr webber?
    Ive always watched Private practice after greys…and sadly the whole programme finishes this week. Boo, that one is a weekly tear jerker for me.

  2. I’m with you on the Guy Fawkes! Really desperately want sleep right now and of course it has to be fireworks to the right, the left, everywhere where around us. I love the colours, but just hate the noise! We watched a DVD last night so I’d not be clock watching and pacing in angst.

    • I don’t know too many people who actually enjoy it! Ha! I’d be okay if people only let them off on the 5th, but having a week or more? No thanks!!

  3. I have just finished watching the Grey’s finale! Wonder how long we have to wait for Series 10? It’s already on in the states! Looking forward to seeing what you have been crafting 🙂

  4. With you on the blood donating and mozzy thing – my skin is somehow so appealing for the little blighters that I’m the first to get bitten. Every time. I also love the day after a wedding, much as the big day is amazing, there’s something so relaxing about the day after the day!

  5. Am on the same boat with Mosquitoes… ugh.. summer outside are awesome and would be more so if they didn’t pick on me 😦 Greys – yup like you saw that one coming! And ahh post wedding bbq bliss – such a nice occasion 🙂 looking forward to seeing your crafting creations! xx

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