The Perfect Steak Sarnie

There are two things I can never go past on a café menu.

The first is paté, especially if served with some sort of sweet relish or onion jam. When I was pregnant, this was one of the main things I missed eating; now, if I see paté on an entree menu…consider all other items ignored.

The second is a steak sandwich. Open or shut, sirloin or minute, ciabatta or sourdough…I love them all. However, my love for a good steak sarnie isn’t limited to ordering one at a cafe. Oh-ho-ho-no. I have been experimenting at home and this is my perfect steak sandwich.

Steak SandwichCiabatta – blue cheese – sliced steak – homemade caramelised onion – homemade coleslaw – avocado. What a combination. Of course, you can change the blue cheese to brie or a nutty emmental if you like, and switch the caramelised onion for a spicy tomato relish…but this is my perfect mix of flavours and textures.

Just make sure that when you eat it, you let the juices dribble down your hand. No knives and forks here, thanks very much!


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Steak Sarnie

  1. mmmm we love ourselves a good steak sarnie too! love it with blue cheese and avocado and caramelised onion and our other very simple but super satisfying is simply with horseradish… delish!

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