Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ yesterday I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes. Yep. It took me three hours to work out why my vision was so wonky; as soon as I took them out, I knew what I’d done (the right one is accidentally-but-thankfully a brighter tint). Silly me.

~ sometimes one whole avocado is too much for a salad, but when it is at the height of perfection, I panic that the remaining half will be nasty by the next day…so I use the whole thing. Avocado anxiety. It’s a real thing.

Avocado~ some nights, I wish someone else could take out my contact lenses and brush my teeth for me. I’ve asked my husband. He always says no. So rude.

~ I spent a couple of weeks grumbling away to myself about the new Anathoth jam lids, and how they hurt my thumbs to flick them open….and then I read the top of the lid: “Twist to Open”.

~ the only night I ever have a TV show to watch is Monday. Grey’s Anatomy. And every Monday night, Pickle wakes at 9pm. No other night does he wake so early, just Mondays. This season of Grey’s ends next week, I think…who wants to take bets that he doesn’t wake at 9pm when it’s not on??

~ some weeks are just more fabulous than you could ever imagine. We’ve had the news of Tall’s sister’s engagement (yay!), good friends’ engagement (double yay, because the change to New Zealand’s marriage laws has made this a possibility for them, after 12 years together), plus a wedding coming up this weekend AND Pickle went to sleep for Daddy – without me in the house – last night with very little protest! Sigh. Life = good.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. Oooo Anathoth is my fav jam, but I’m always a tight arse and go for the cheap stuff when buying. I’ll be sure to read the lids next time I “splash out”

    Hoorah for all the good things in this post though! So good to hear, esp. pickle sleeping! Good boy, Pickle!! x

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