Random Thoughts on Thursday

~ from now until the end of the summer, I am going to be eating asparagus like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, I’m aware that the…side effects put some people off, but not me; I live for this time of year.

~ why, when you have just pulled a dish out of the oven, is it impossible to wait before taking that first mouthful? You know it’s gonna be hot, and you know you’re gonna burn the roof of your mouth…but you’re still gonna go there. Sigh.

~ does a honeybee think twice before stinging someone? The whole losing-your-stomach-with-your-stinger thing has got to be a bit of a downer, y’know? “Ahahaha – Imma gonna sting you….oh, cr*p.”

~ I’ve started my Christmas shopping. Yup. Mainly because my parents are off to Melbourne to visit my sister and her family in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to get them to take gifts across. And…because I love Christmas and giving gifts…and…Christmas.

~ Tall has had a couple of nights away recently (boo). I’ve been extra-lazy when Pickle wakes, and instead of feeding him in his room, I’ve let him join me in the bed. Two main reasons why this has proved to be a bad move: on Tuesday morning he woke me by kicking me in the face in his sleep, and later, when I asked where his bed was…he pointed to my bed. Oh dear.

~ barefeet + sandpit = bliss. When you’ve checked it for cat poo, obviously. Because….yeah.

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY for a gorgeous Rudi by Em cushion cover??

There are still a few days of voting left for the Munch Awards…if you fancy voting for Tall, Short, Tiny & a Pickle as the Best Kids Food Blog, that’d be dandy…but there are some other very awesome blogs nominated too, so vote for one of them instead if you’d prefer!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Thursday

  1. For some reason I always think of the Bee movie when I think about bee behaviour (sounds like i have nothing else to think about! but i digress…) Love getting, making, giving gifts!! have a good Thursday x

  2. I love asparagus! My husband grew up with asparagus growing in the ditch in his front yard (irrigation) so lucky, right?
    Ah, I REALLY need to get going with my Christmas shopping!

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